October 22, 2007

A jumping problem

From BoingBoing, here's Eddie Van Halen trying to play along with a keyboard that's so out of pitch, he just can't find the right notes...

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October 21, 2007

Yeah, so it's been a really long while...

Lots of things have been going on, most of which is pretty good. Let's see, the highlights:

  • Started racing triathlon again. Did three this year:
    • Gulf Coast Half Ironman, Panama City, FL: Not the best race I've ever had. The swim was long, the bike was great and I ran out of energy for the run
    • Ann Arbor Triathlon, Pinckney, MI: This was just a lark race that I did with my uncle-in-law (his first!).
    • Annapolis Triathlon, Annapolis MD: I got a sliver of glass in my foot just before the start of the swim. So, the swim went fine, the bike was good, and the run just hurt for some strange reason...
  • Bought a house. Trust me, there's lots of stuff that has to be done there.
  • Some other stuff, but I'll write about it later

Part of the latest activities has been a little extra free time on my hands. The Canvas hasn't rehearsed in something like four months now, so I'm starting to think that it's not going to be much longer for this world. Two other projects, though, are starting up for me:

  • Soul Kitty: This is what I affectionately refer to as 'redneck rock' -- lots of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Mötley Crüe, Aerosmith and the like. It's fun, and the guys (and gals) in the band make it a good hang.
  • Dashfield: Brett (from The Canvas) hooked up with these guys and gave me a call. It's melodic pop/rock, with a little bit of a Southern feel thrown in here and there.

All this to say that there are some new dates on the calendar now.

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