September 13, 2004

Bass Extremes @ The Birchmere

Tonight was the Bass Extremes show at the Birchmere. The lineup for tonight's show consisted of Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey, Oteil Burbridge and Derico Watson.

Bass Extremes was born sometime around 1993 when Steve Bailey and Victor Wooten met during a hardware endorsement photoshoot. The two of them hit it off and then recorded a instructional book/CD. Since then, an additional two CDs followed over the next eight years. On each album, Oteil Burbridge sat in some of the tracks.

I'm not aware of Steve and Victor touring together before on a formal tour. I know that they have given clinics together from time to time, but that's about it. So, the opportunity to catch them play was a rare treat. The show opened up strong, heavy grooves with pounding rhythms. To try and list out all the amazing things that happened during the show would almost be pointless -- these are three of the best bass players around, bringing their A game to the stage.

One example, though. During the Dump C tune, they each took turns soloing (for about four bars a piece). As each bass player ended up their round, he would call out the new key signature for the next player's solo. Very cool.

Let me put it to you this way: A lead guitarist that I know was at the show. He later told me that it was like watching Jimi Hendrix at his prime. I think he also said "I will never look at bass players the same way ever again."

Some photos from the show can be found here.

Set List

  1. Play/Jam
  2. Tropical Storm
  3. People
  4. Not At 3
  5. Cool Groove
  6. What's So
Set Break
  1. To Serve Man
  2. Oteil Solo
  3. Cool Groove
  4. Victor Solo
  5. Dump C
  6. Steve Solo
  7. Derrico Solo
  8. Liberty City
  1. 3 Views Of A Secret

Posted by Casper at September 13, 2004 10:50 PM