July 06, 2004

Revolting against outdoor venues

An interesting piece in the local City Paper about the Lollapalooza failure in specific and outdoor venues in general.

Fans are rebelling against the outdoor amphitheaters, known in the biz as "sheds." These places are cheaper to build and operate than downtown concert halls, but they're inconveniently distant from population centers, and tend to be traffic and parking nightmares. Yet ticket prices have been soaring, in part because most of them are controlled by one company: Yup, Clear Channel. ...

Another problem with the sheds: Indoor venues are better suited to the Vegas-style showmanship that's become common in mainstream pop. "Prince is not going to do what is a relatively sophisticated presentation—a lot of choreography, a lot of lighting—outdoors because it just doesn't translate as well," said Boehlert.

Posted by Casper at July 6, 2004 09:02 AM